Reiki & Intuitive Art

Just like you, my life has been a journey. A  journey full of ups and downs with plenty of lessons learned along the way. My biggest lesson of all was to listen to my intuition and to learn how to live an authentic life. Reiki changed my life. It was the key that opened the door to my true self. Not only has it helped me to come home to myself, it has also amplified my work as an artist. My art is now a creation of my deep self and intuition and I am thrilled when it resonates with others.

When I first learned reiki, it was just something I did for myself and my family, it was never my intention to become a practitioner. However, the universe had other plans for me. Three years later and becoming an advanced reiki master, I began to feel drawn to open up and treat others. I am now a Reiki Australia accredited Reiki practitioner and it is my passion to empower others to find their inner strength and learn to self-heal. To truly heal we must take a holistic approach and not merely treat symptoms. Through healing we can also find authenticity and a sense of returning home.

  • Reiki

    As a Reiki Master and intuitive, it is my passion to help people to align with their inner self. Using reiki to promote healing as well as emotional and spiritual growth. In my sessions I use my skills to offer you guidance on creating a path to authenticity and inner peace.



  • Intuitive Art

    Coming from a background in design, I am a visual person. I use my intuition to tune in to my thoughts and feelings, which are then expressed through art. I paint from imagined ideas and intuitive visions. My space to be free to express and am honoured when my pieces resonate with others.



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  • "I had no expectations of what it was going to be like. Helen had a beautiful calming presence and I felt very welcomed. I went into a deep state and felt wonderfully calm and peaceful after Helen did the session.
    I would definitely do it again.
    If you think you are feeling out of sorts or no energy Helen does a beautiful Reiki and would recommend her."
    - Kas -

  • "I recently had a reiki session with Helen in her lovely home studio, beautifully decorated with her own artwork. Helen was warm, inviting and very present. The session was amazing, just what I needed. Would highly recommend."

    - Kelley -

  • "I had my first session of Reiki from Helen and I genuinely loved it, I was so relaxed and the best part is I was wearing a cast on my broken wrist and I felt what felt like fingers gently brush against that skin that was covered in a cast. Afterwards Helen told me she also did some work on my arm, amazing."

    - Kirra -

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