Helen ShadforthHelen Shadforth is an accomplished artist, graphic designer and reiki master living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Being a creative for as long as she can remember, Helen always has doodled, sketched, painted and created. She considers herself lucky to have a career doing what she loves and to have an audience who enjoys and can connect with her work.

Helen's current paintings are a result of the time spent reflecting, using art as a form of therapy and self discovery. Her most recent work comes from a much more personal and emotional place than her previous projects. As a reiki master, Helen uses her intuition and connection to energy as a deep and influential part of the creative process. Helen says that she is painting pieces that she truly loves and feels. Heavily influenced by people that surround her and whom she is close to. Helen gathers her inspiration from rugged beauty, ancient art forms discovered during her word travels, as well as nature, colour, patterns, symbolism and expressionism. She is particularly interested in the way art is used to communicate feelings as well as tell stories.


If you would like to get in touch, please email me at helen@mintybaxter.com or via instagram @helenshadforth