About Helen

Helen Shadforth

My name is Helen, thank you for stopping by my page. I feel as though this space I share with you here is an ever-evolving one! For what seemed like, at the time, I was going off on tangents has now all come together to create a beautiful harmony. The universe has a way of doing that, and I love it!

I am a Reiki Master and practitioner and also a creative. For many, many years I worked as a successful graphic designer and then went on to creating my own brands and labels as well as becoming a professional selling artist. Art is an expression for me that now I use to recreate true inner visions.

As I have become older and more experienced in life, I have learned the importance of getting to know my true inner self and connecting with it. I believe that happiness comes when we can live an authentic life, true to who we are. This is also what I believe to be the key to truly heal, prevent disease and to overcome trauma. 

In early 2021 I had my first reiki treatment, I didn’t know a lot about it then, nor what to expect. For some reason I was drawn to have a treatment. I experienced the amazing depths of relaxation that a treatment puts you into but for days and even weeks after I could feel shifts within me that I find it hard to explain.

When I went back to my reiki master, Christine Maudy, for another treatment, she explained to me the further benefits of learning reiki for myself. I was intrigued and felt that this was the right thing for me. I completed reiki level 1 and then before I knew it I went on to complete level 2 and then reiki master. During that year, I began to feel more and more connected to myself and was able to gain courage to make big changes in my life that weren’t right and didn’t align with my true self. I can quite easily say that reiki changed my life for the better. 

I know that I have always been highly intuitive. However, like many of us living in this modern world, I often would be unsure of whether or not to listen or to trust my intuition. Now that I am living an authentic life, I constantly listen to my intuition and encourage as well as teach others to listen to theirs too. The first step is to listen, the second step is to trust. 

When I first began my reiki journey, I never thought it would become a practice I would open up to for others. I was on the journey to heal myself. But now I have spent so much time using reiki most days, I now want to share it with others. I particularly feel a passion to empower women, which is why more work has a more female focus. I am always learning and I love to incorporate other modalities into my work. I intuitively read tarot and angel cards, I am studying holistic counselling and I also incorporate crystals and aromatherapy into my practice. 

There is a very good chance that you didn’t stumble on my page by accident. This may be the first step to healing or a shift that you need. If you have any questions, or if something here resonates with you, please get in touch x

Please email me at hello@helenshadforth.com or via instagram @helenshadforth