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Beautiful Moleskine large plain paper journal, hand covered to order with an archival fine paper print of Helen's modern Australian painting, 'Big Bloom'. This stunning, limited edition journal makes a great gift and piece of functional art to keep.

Moleskine journals are known globally for quality. Beautifully made with a flexible cover and thread-bound stitching on the spine, each journal has 80 plain pages with the last 16 being detachable. The inside back cover has a little pocket for keeping notes or business cards in. The size of these books are 13 x 21cm (5 x 8 1/4 inches).

Helen carefully covers these journals to order and only uses the finest products to ensure a high quality finish is reached. Due to the handmade nature, no two are exactly the same. 

Compliment the journal with a famous Blackwing Palomino special edition pencil.

Blackwing pencils have been the much loved and favoured brand of pencil by top artists and creators for decades. In the early 2000’s a new, premium pencil line was introduced, the Palomino. Made by some of the World’s best artisans from specially sourced wood and graphite, Blackwing was able to revamp their hero design to a new generation.

The Blackwing Palomino is a special edition, second entry to their Blackwing Eras series. This pencil features the limited ‘Palomino blue’ barrel made from genuine incense cedar, extra-firm graphite, signature gold stripe and imprint, gold ferrule and replaceable white eraser.

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