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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a powerful form of deep relaxation and energy clearing that promotes healing both emotionally and physically. It is a fantastic way to rejuvenate and become back in balance with your inner self.

During the session you will feel a deep sense of relaxation (some say even more relaxing than a massage). You may feel tingling, heat, lightness or other sensations as energy is shifting and clearing throughout your body. Some people see colours and feel different emotions, others even fall asleep. These experiences are all normal. The energy is doing its work and reiki continues to work for up to 2 weeks after treatment. 

New to reiki and curious to find out if it’s for you?

No problem 😊 Why not try a mini treatment to dip your toe in? A mini treatment is 30 mins and aimed at targeting anything specific you may need work on or simply just a shortened treatment to see what reiki is like. 60 minute treatments are more effective and also work on clearing your chakras but a mini treatment can still give you a good dose of relaxation.

Distance Reiki

Once we have arranged a time, please lay down somewhere quiet where you can relax and remain uninterrupted for 60 mins. Don't be worried about falling asleep - that is quite normal. I will connect to your energy using reiki. 

You will receive an email after treatment with a report on your treatment and any follow up advice. 

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PLEASE NOTE: Reiki is an alternative healing practice and does NOT replace medical treatment and advice from a medical professional. 

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