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Lascaux Dreams ***SOLD

Lascaux Dreams ***SOLD

Gouache, water colour and pen onto premium art paper. 54.5 x 37cm

Ancient and tribal art has alway a big influence for my work. I am fascinated by the way different cultures interpret stories through their art. This particular piece (as the title gives away) was inspired by the Lascaux cave paintings in France. I visited the cave many years ago and I still have a love and fascination of the primitive illustrations that still speak and tell a clear story.

Most of my art and design work involves patterns - 9 times out of 10 I have no plan of the pattern when I begin - I kind of just start and see where the pen or brush takes me. When I completed this painting I just didn't feel it was complete without the subtle form of pattern drawn over the top.

I highly recommend this painting to be framed behind a mat board and frame to tidy up the rough edges of a well-worked piece and also to protect it so it will look this great for years to come.

I really hope you enjoy this piece, it's a little different to my other work but I always create art that I love and that I feel rather than reproduce the same thing all the time.

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