Unlocking your heart chakra

Opening the heart chakra ❤️

In the realm of chakras, the heart chakra holds a unique and profound place, distinct from the others. Unlike the lower chakras which often require clearing and balancing, the heart chakra calls for a different approach—one of inviting and embracing love.

The heart chakra, known as Anahata in Sanskrit, is the center of love, compassion, and connection. It thrives on acceptance and openness, inviting the energies of love, understanding, and empathy into our lives. All the things that we receive energetically lands at our heart centre. Everything from the heaviness that sits in our chest from grief through to the heart flutters of excitement. The heart is like our own alarm system that protects and alerts us.

If you have ever had your heart broken, you understand the heaviness that you carry for a long time in your chest. This is because your heart chakra is blocked as a form of protection. When you have blocked chakras, it is hard to completely feel like yourself. Unlike the lower chakras that often need cleansing from negativity and past experiences, the heart chakra flourishes when we willingly allow love to flow into it.

By opening the heart chakra, we create a space within ourselves to receive love from others and extend love outwardly. It's a gateway for compassion and kindness, not just towards others but also towards ourselves. When we embrace love and let it permeate our being, we are nurturing our heart chakra and fostering a sense of interconnectedness and harmony.

Clearing other chakras might involve releasing blockages or negative energies, but the heart chakra's journey is about embracing the positive, allowing love to mend and uplift. It's a reminder that love is transformative, capable of healing and elevating our spiritual and emotional selves. When we open our hearts, we invite in the healing power of love and pave the way for a more compassionate and joyful existence.

 The heart chakra


- Grief & loss

- Heartbreak

- Exhaustion and stress from day to day life

- Poor posture

- Distrust in others

- An accumulation of small, painful experiences

 Reiki healing


- Allow yourself to give love as well as receive it

- Practice some heart opening yoga poses

- Reiki treatments will assist you to clear blocks but also to relax and become more self aware and gain self acceptance to give and receive love

- Meditate and focus on each chakra one by one, filling them with light and imagining them clearing and opening. When you get to the heart chakra, really visualise the light opening this space and welcoming in love

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