What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a natural and holistic therapy derived from Japan that gently balances energy and brings health and well being to the recipient. Energy flows through all living things and we are all made of vibrations. When stressful things happen in our lives that effect us, whether it be phyiscal or emotional, our vibration goes out of tune. Imbalances and blockages are created in our energy centres and can lead to other problems if not dealt with.

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive technique which is used to treat blockages caused by physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Reiki promotes well being, spiritual awareness and a reconnection with oneself as well as providing deep relaxation and an increase in energy levels.

Some of the benefits of reiki include a deeper connection to yourself, clarity, peace, deep relaxation, improvement to sleep, immune system support, relieves anxiety, grief and depression, heightened spirituality, increase in energy, promotion of healing, personal growth and self empowerment.

Reiki Treatments
  • What To Expect From a Reiki Treatment

    All you need to do is lay down, close your eyes and relax. Your treatment will consist of some gentle touch but mostly, it will be done with hands hovering just above your body. Reiki energy is drawn from the collective power of the universe, which you will receive during treatment.


    During the session you are likely to go into a deep state of relaxation, some people drift off to sleep. You may feel tingling sensations and jolts in your body, some people experience visions of colours and shapes. Reiki energy goes to where it is needed and as a reiki master, I am guided by my intuition during a treatment. The benefits of a session can be felt for as long as two weeks after treatment. Some may feel shifts straight away and others a few days after.


    A follow up session is often recommended if blockages are large or it has been quite some time since you have had a treatment.

  • Distance Reiki Treatment

    A reiki treatment can be given in person here on the Sunshine Coast, or to anyone in the world via distance healing. Energy healing has no limitations of space and time. To receive a distance reiki treatment, we simply arrange a time that suits when you are able to lay down uninterrupted for 60 minutes. Prior to treatment I will email you a form to fill out and ask that you return it along with a photograph of yourself. This will help me to visualise you and connect to your energy. After the treatment I will email you with a report on your session, or I can call you to discuss.

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  • "Helen was my very first experience with reiki and she gave me a great first session. I think Helen’s caring demeanour really put me at ease at the beginning of the session, and she explained everything about how the session was going to proceed before she got started. While she checked each of my chakras, she explained that process too. 

The reiki healing itself was very effective in terms of how I felt afterwards, and Helen gave me great tips on what to do after the session to maximise its benefits. 

For anyone curious about reiki and healing in general, I thoroughly recommend a session with Helen. She is experienced in what she does and on top of that, is a wonderful and kind human being."

    - Tahnee -

  • "Never having had a reiki session before, I had no idea what to expect so I went in with an open mind.
 Helen is such a caring, calming & gentle person so this put me at ease and I felt very relaxed in her beautiful space.


    For anyone who is needing some inner healing go & have a session with Helen. I more clear, energised and completely relaxed after my session and highly recommend her!"

    - Candice -

- Reiki does NOT replace medical treatment, however, it does compliment it.