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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a complete and powerful system that sends the recipient into a deeply relaxed state, clearing energy and any blockages to bring back balance. Reiki promotes healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a fantastic way to rejuvenate and become back in balance with your inner self.

There are many benefits of reiki, including relief if you are suffering:
- Anxiety and/or depression
- Grief
- Fatigue & stress
- Pain and/or illness
- Disconnection
- Self doubt
and more.

New to reiki and curious to find out if it’s for you?

No problem 😊 Why not try a mini treatment to dip your toe in? A mini treatment is 30 mins and aimed at targeting anything specific you may need work on or simply just a shortened treatment to see what reiki is like. 60 minute treatments are more effective and also work on clearing your chakras but a mini treatment can still give you a good dose of relaxation.

Distance Reiki

I offer distance reiki. To book in, please email me to arrange a time. 

PLEASE NOTE: Reiki is an alternative healing practice and does NOT replace medical treatment and advice from a medical professional. 

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  • Full Treatment - $90

    A one hour session that will send you into deep relaxation. Clearing blockages and restoring inner peace. Promotes healing on all levels. Infused with aromatherapy, crystals and intuitive guidance.

  • Mini Treatment - $50

    A 30 minute session designed to dip your toe in if you are curious. Aimed at targeting anything specific you may need work on or simply a quick check-in with your body and energy.